Capsida Biotherapeutics Inc., a fully integrated biotechnology company creating a new class of targeted adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapies for patients with debilitating and life-threatening genetic disorders, is pleased to announce that co-founder and vice  president of Technology Nick Goeden, PhD,  and Swati Tole, MD MS, will speak at the Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Conference in Boston on December 7.

Dr. Goeden will present on how high-throughput screening of AAV capsid libraries in non-human primates yields multiple generations of improved AAVs for delivery to the CNS in his talk “Engineered AAVs with Targeted and Efficient Noninvasive Gene Delivery to the Primate CNS.” He’ll also participate in a panel on vector discovery for improved CNS delivery.

Dr. Tole will share her insights and perspective on dose optimization and clinical challenges for neurological gene therapies in two separate panels.

The third-annual Gene Therapy meeting, which takes place December 6-9  at Boston’s Colonnade Hotel, brings together discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical scientists who are focused on central nervous system (CNS) targets for gene therapy. The conference focuses on optimized delivery to the CNS, engineered capsids for neurological target specificity, and navigating CNS inflammation and immunogenicity challenges.

Drs. Goeden and Tole will present on December 7.

You can download the full event agenda on the event website.