At Capsida, we’re passionate about developing innovative, best-in-class gene therapies for debilitating rare and common diseases across all ages. Our goal is to apply the strength of our targeted gene therapy platform to develop a new generation of transformative therapies.

We are inspired to work with academic, clinical and industry leaders that share our vision and want to collaborate to help us reach more patients and benefit more lives. Since our inception, we have entered into strategic collaborations with AbbVie and CRISPR Therapeutics.

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“We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with innovators who share our determination to develop transformative gene therapies for patients.”

– Bethany Mancilla, Chief Business Officer


In January 2023, Capsida announced a strategic collaboration with Prevail Therapeutics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company, to develop transformative, non-invasive gene therapies for CNS diseases.

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In April 2021, we entered into a collaboration and option agreement with AbbVie to create tissue-targeted gene therapies for three serious neurodegenerative diseases.

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Capsida is proud to partner with these industry associations to advance biotechnology solutions for patients, support regenerative therapies like gene therapy, and promote gender equality.