Adeno-associated viral vectors for functional intravenous gene transfer throughout the non-human primate brain

Chuapoco, Flytzanis, Goeden, et al
Nature Nanotechnology, July 2023

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Posters from the American Society for Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting – 2023
  • Optimization of a Versatile Downstream Process for Multiple Novel AAV Capsids That Demonstrates Improved Recovery – Download PDF
  • Exploring upstream process conditions to improve productivity for novel AAV Capsids – Download PDF
  • Development and Comparative Assessment of a Rapid, High-Throughput Method for Accurate Quantification of Host Cell DNA Impurities in Final Drug Product and Process Intermediates – Download PDF
Posters from the American Society for Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting – 2022
  • Optimization of a scalable upstream process for production of novel AAV capsids – Download PDF
  • Manufacturability and product quality of novel AAV capsids optimized for specific targeting using capsid library selection in non-human primates – Download PDF
  • Next-generation automated AAV engineering platform for rapid identification of efficient and specific capsids in non-human primates – Download PDF
  • Multiple generations of capsids engineered in NHPs yield improved performance in the central nervous system – Download PDF
  • Combinatorial engineering across multiple surface exposed loops of AAV2 and AAV9 yields capsids with high degrees of enrichment and specificity for target tissues – Download PDF
AAV capsid variants with brain-wide transgene expression and decreased liver targeting after intravenous delivery in mouse and marmoset

Goertsen, Flytzanis, Goeden et al
Nature Neuroscience, January 2022

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Intravenous gene transfer throughout the brain of infant Old World primates using AAV

Chuapoco, Flytzanis, Goeden et al
biorxiv, January 2022

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